Finding the fire

FINDING THE FIRE is a personal growth workshop where women, men, and children from every walk of life can come together to be inspired, supported, and enveloped in a sense of community. We all long to feel loved and connected. Often pain from our past holds us back. By telling our REAL stories in a safe and supportive environment, we are able to release this pain and finally find our way back to our hearts. Then, love and connection are free to manifest.

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Lets GlowHome For Hearts Fundraiser

December 10th At :6:30

Why come

If your struggling to find connection

Do you find yourself tending to low priority needs?

if you want to tap in to your inner purpose

Do you feel your inner purpose smoldering but struggling to ignite

connecting to your inner fire

consider asking yourself what is standing in the way of connecting to your inner fire.


Cyndee find your fire within

Having been placed in foster care as a child, losing a son to SIDS and a husband to suicide, and nearly dying herself, Cyndee speaks intimately to overcoming hardships, allowing yourself permission to LIVE, and having fun in the process!

There are two sides to everyone’s story: the light and the dark. Have you ever been curious about what really goes on behind the scenes of that perfectly polished social media presence? Do you ever say to yourself, “How do they have it all together when I can hardly get out of bed some days?” It is time we stop comparing our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel. Spoiler alert: EVERYBODY has a dark story, but it doesn’t have to define us or hold us back.

Join me as we get down and dirty to expose the raw–and sometimes messy–side of real life. In Find the Fire I share both sides of my story in the hope that you’ll be inspired to share yours. 

Are you ready to free yourself from the dark side of your story that defines and limits you? 

Are you ready to manifest love and connection?

Are you ready to let your soul GLOW?

Finding the fire podcast

love notes

Sarah M.
Sarah M.
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Cyndee has changed my life !!!! the way she has touch my soul I will never forget, she has helped me heal my past trauma and find my fire within me. My relationship with my husband and children has never been better. I have more clarity now in my life on what i need to do to fuel my passion. Thank you Cyndee for working with me.
Tyson K.
Tyson K.
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When I met Cyndee I Knew I wanted what she had, but little did i know what she has gone through to get her to that place of serenity. When she told me her journey my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe how strong she is to over come the things she had to go through. but because of her story I opened up and shared with her my story and that started a everlasting friendship. She has help me over come things i would never thought was possible thanks to my hard work and her support I'm living my best life.
Tiffany M.
Tiffany M.
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How do I even begin to thank you. A week ago we found out through our holistic practitioner that Adam has stage 2 prostate cancer. There is no doubt in my mind that you started his healing. We are going through a major lifestyle change as we will be moving forward with holistic treatment. I know he will heal quickly as the energy has already started shifting. I’m sure only you can truly understand the amazing shift. Josh and Kenna are also doing great, healing their connection with Josh’s parents. I’m so proud of them. Crazy what can go down in a week. Love you so much!!!

Glow Party By Homes for Hearts

Dec. 10th 6:30

“Twas right before Christmas when all through West Village, we’re sipping on mocktails careful of spillage. Glow lights were hung, excitement is here, making new friendships, happiness and cheer!”

Come one and come all, to dance in the night, find your fire and shine it bright!

  • Glow Party
  • Dancing
  • Night Games
  • New Friends
  • Mocktails
  • Refreshnents
Cyndee Jacobson

Past Glow Partys Events

if your heart is calling to you please join us.

The Fun starts:


Finding the fire

$ 25
  • Find connection & understanding
  • Burning down the walls of separation
  • Reconnect with your soul
  • Find your fire within
  • Dance Glow Party
  • At: Affogato West